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Teaching and Day Care

Cantaleum educational model

  • Challenging syllabus based on Lehrplan 21 curriculum

  • Methods based in paedagogical theory (more information here)

  • Unique combination of goal orientation, cultural education, and creative expression

  • Whole-day supervision in familiar school environment


  • Music lessons cover rhythm and pitch training, musical intonation, musical theory (including organology, music history, and musical notation)

  • Singing in the singing school or in the choir

  • Individual voice lessons and solo singing lessons

  • When needed, the school can arrange for qualified instrument teachers

  • Musical ensembles can be formed within the school

English and German

  • English and German are used at Cantaleum both in and out of the classroom

  • Certain subjects are taught in English (immersion)

  • English is taught as a formal subject as of the first grade

  • Mathematics is taught only in German


Class sizes

Classes generally consist of between fifteen to twenty students.

Classroom teachers, subject teachers, and classroom assistants ensure that the class as well as the individual students receive intensive instruction in all subjects.   


At Cantaleum, student evaluations are also a means of supporting students, in that their individual learning and growth is documented. Students and teacher have regular exchanges in which new knowledge, skills, and abilities are discussed. Additional checks of student learning are also performed.

All students as of the third grade and higher also take standardised evaluation tests at least once a year. These tests serve to assess student abilities and aids in planning of lessons. The standardised test and the evaluations throughout the year form the basis of the grades in student report cards. Parents are regularly informed about the progress of their child and the results of the standardised tests so that they may form a clear picture of their child's performance.

Handling of special needs (gifted students / Integrative Support I.F.)

In classes, students have many opportunities to utilise and develop their talents. If a student is gifted in a certain aspect, customized ways to challenge the student are then arranged. Cantaleum Zurich is a member of Netzwerk Begabungsförderung (Network for the Support of the Gifted, Musically-gifted students will find an ideal environment and conditions at Cantaleum to foster their musical development.    

Special needs of students are addressed by pedagogical models that are adapted to each child’s individual needs. Therapy visits (speech therapy, psycho-motor therapy, dyslexia therapy) generally take place outside school hours. 

Day care

Cantaleum Zurich is open from 7:00. to 18:00. Children who arrive at school before classes begin can start the day in a familiar atmosphere. A trained caregiver is on hand, as well as additional staff when necessary. Teachers may sometimes serve in the role of a caregiver. All students eat lunch at school together. Younger children have the option of a nap or rest period after lunch.

During the supervised time before lessons, during lunch, and after lessons, children have the choice of practicing their instruments, provided they are available or have been brought to school.

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