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At Cantaleum, students are individually supported and regular progress checks and regular parent-teacher meetings enable effective planning of students' promotion into secondary school.
After primary school

If a student wishes to attend a Langgymnasium, then special attention will be paid to the exam subjects of German and mathematics. Aside from these measures within the classroom, the student may also complete further exam preparation assignments with teacher support during the midday break or in the afternoon.

The begin of exam preparations can be individually set with the teacher as of the fifth grade. If needed, tutoring sessions can also be arranged. Please note that the subject of mathematics is taught in German for all six years of primary school because the entrance exam for public secondary schools in mathematics is only given in German.

Options after primary school:

  • public, German-language Langgymnasium (for more information, see

  • public, bilingual (German/English) Langgymnasium (Kantonsschule Küsnacht)

  • private, German-language Langgymnasium (e.g. Mittleschule Dr. Buchmann)

  • private, bilingual Langgymnasium (e.g. Freies Gymnasium Zürich)

  • public, German-language secondary school (assigned according to district of residence)

  • private, German-language secondary school (e.g. LIPSCHULE, LernCenter)

  • private, bilingual secondary school (e.g. Cantaleum, Terra Nova)

After secondary school

At the secondary school level, our students take part in either the ProGym group or the Sek group. The two groups are permeable—students may change groups according to their performance.

In the ProGym programme, the students undertake preparations for the Kurzzeitgymnasium or for the transfer into an English-language school.

In the Sek programme, students receive a solid foundation in preparing for vocational choices. Potential transfers to further schooling is individually prepared.

Options after secondary school:

  • public, German-language Kurzgymnasium (for more information, please see

  • public, bilingual (German/English) Kurzgymnasium (e.g. Kantonsschule Küsnacht, Gymnasium Rämibühl)

  • private, German-language Kurzgymnasium

  • private, bilingual (German/English) Kurzgymnasium (e.g. Freies Gymnasium Zürich)

  • private, English-language College with A-Level certification (e.g. Hull’s School)

  • private, English-language IB programme (Zurich International School, Inter-Community School)

  • apprenticeship, with or without having attended vocational school

  • 10th school year, followed by apprenticeship without or without having attended vocational school

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