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Cantaleum Zurich

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8032 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 260 87 07


School directors

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Dr. Maja Coradi Vellacott
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Konrad von Aarburg

Cantaleum Foundation

The goal of the non-profit Cantaleum Foundation is to optimally support children and young people in their academic and musical development through a focus on the positive effects of creating music on learning motivation and learning success. With this purpose in mind, it operates the private school Cantaleum Zurich, which combines challenging musical training and academic education in the same institution, and ensures its sustainment and financial support.


Konrad von Aarburg 
Dr. Maja Coradi Vellacott
Dr. Jürg Frey
Werner Patrick Pfenninger
Thomas von Stockar 

Banking information (scholarships):

Zürcher Kantonalbank, Stiftung Cantaleum, Rubrik Stipendien
IBAN CH88 0070 0110 0064 3720 8

Banking information (Cantaleum Foundation):

Zürcher Kantonalbank, Stiftung Cantaleum

IBAN CH95 0070 0110 0063 7965 8

Cantaleum Zürich AG

The Cantaleum Foundation operates as sole shareholder of Cantaleum Zürich AG.
The Board of Directors of Cantaleum Zürich AG oversees those entrusted with the management of the school.

Board of directors:

Christian Guggisberg
Ursula Bachmann
Brigitte Gardin-Baumann
Thomas von Stockar
Alois Bearth

Banking information (Cantaleum Zürich AG):

Zürcher Kantonalbank,
Cantaleum Zürich AG,
IBAN CH10 0070 0110 0065 6645 8