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Cantaleum’s uniqueness as a school is built on the elements of achievement, bilingualism, cultural education, and promoting creative expression. At the secondary school level, our students take part in either the ProGym group or the Sek group. The two groups are permeable—students may change groups according to their performance. In addition, an individual educational coaching session is offered to each child once weekly.


  • Lessons follow the Lehrplan 21 curriculum and are geared towards achievement

  • Methods based on paedagogical theory (more information)

  • ProGym programme: preparation for the Kurzzeitgymnasium entrance exam and for further schooling

  • Sek programme: preparation for vocational choices and further schooling

  • Whole-day day care in familiar school environment


Four lesson elements:

  • Teacher’s instruction

  • Guided and independent activities according to weekly plan, requirements differing according to programme (ProGym or Sek)

  • One-on-one educational coaching and learning reflections for each student

  • Experiments and discussions with the entire group, practice speaking freely and presentations


  • Rhythm and auditory training, lessons in intonation, instruments, music history, and musical notation

  • Singing / ensemble music / theatre

  • Choir practices and/or instrumental practice

  • -English and German, both as languages of instruction and languages outside of lessons

  • Certain subjects are taught immersively in English; mathematics are taught only in German


  • ProGym: good performance in German or English and mathematics

  • Interest in music

  • Interest in languages

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