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Music is a main pillar of the paedagogical concept at Cantaleum, and it is utilized to introduce students to various educational subjects. Music promotes language development and linguistic structure, movement, motor skills, mathematical knowledge, empathy, communication, and social learning.

Music allows for the expression of one’s emotions, renders structure and rules audible, and lends itself to the interplay between discipline and passion. By interacting with music, children become explorers of new horizons.



  •   Ability to take responsibility for oneself and to act accordingly
  • Improve concentration and patience
  • Practice motor skills
  • Develop independence and self-confidence

Social skills

  • Engage in social interactions and experience a sense of community

  • Ability to take responsibility in the community and to act appropriately in social situations

  • Develop empathy and consideration for others

  • Learn how to handle interpersonal conflict


  • Learn to judge factually and act accordingly

  • Experiment and design with materials

  • Explore and use tools, objects, and musical instruments properly

  • Develop the ability to retain skills and reproduce results

  • Develop mathematical abilities

  • Build up language skills in English and German

  • Rhythm and auditory training, organology


Guided activities

The guided activities in the lessons are designed to stimulate learning and the absorption of new knowledge. We use physical objects that the children can see, touch, or smell, in order to engage their senses.

Music-making and role-playing have an important place in daily lessons. Students learn skills through play, such as singing correct pitches, following rhythms, and recognizing the sounds of different instruments.

Kindergarten Cantaleum Zürich Singen

Free play / Playful learning

We approach learning topics playfully through songs or stories.

Kindergarten Cantaleum Zürich

“Learning Centres” offer further learning opportunities such as counting, alphabet, colours, or fine motor control through interactions with objects. 

Weekly learning plans

Weekly learning plans guide students through the week in the same way that weekly learning plans are used at Cantaleum’s primary school.

Kindergarten Cantaleum Zürich

Daily review

At the end of the school day, students are encouraged to recapitulate the day’s lessons by answering questions about what they learned and how they feel about the topic—for example, on the topic of fruit, “Which is your favourite fruit? Why is it your favourite fruit?” These activities are designed to practise skills such as self-reflection, independence, and concentration.

Kindrgarten Cantaleum Zürich
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